Fees & Pricing

How Big is Your Problem?

Many times we have clients call the office and ask about our fees for professional services.  If you have carefully read the preceding pages, you will understand no two taxpayer situations are the same.  What may be a simple task for one taxpayer may turn into a lengthy negotiation for another.   We have recently simplified our pricing structure for taxpayers who do not require *Customized Consulting Plans (CCP), by offering the following packages:

1)    The Basic- This package is $495.00 and designed for taxpayers whose liability (taxes owed) is less than $10,000 and who would just like to find out how the IRS perceives their case.  We look at the coded IRS tax transcripts for the year in question to give you a snap shot of your current situation.  Included is a Taxpayer Risk Assessment score.  The TRA score provides you a probability of success with the information we were able to obtain.   

2)     The Intermediate – This Package is $1,500.00 and is designed for taxpayers who want more information about their case and whose tax liability exceeds $10,000.  This package reviews 3 years of coded transcripts, reviews all IRS correspondence (this is important because sometimes you are dealing with two different levels of the IRS at the same time), provides a personalized Taxpayers Risk Assessment Score, gives full disclosure of how the IRS perceives your case and includes a recommended plan of action.  Recommended actions could include referrals to CPAs for amended returns and /or recommendations to consult with an attorney if the IRS has you targeted as a fraudulent filer or you used a tax preparer under IRS investigation.

3)    Optimum -This package is$3,650.00 and is the best value package for taxpayers whose liability is between $25,000 to $45,000 or know they have a pressing IRS problem. They include problems such as unpaid payroll taxes, notice to lien, bank account levy, garnishments, IRS agents showing up at your home or place of employment.  This is PHW’s most comprehensive service package for analysis and strategy of your case.  It includes a review of 5 years of coded transcripts,  reviews all IRS correspondence,  personalized Taxpayers Risk Assessment Score,  detailed assessment of your situation and the IRS’s intentions for your case, recommended plan of action, stated alternatives to solving your case,  the approximate time it will take to resolve your case, the dollar amount of PHW may save you in proposed taxes and the approximate amount of funds needed to implement your strategy  including  CPA, attorney and tax consultation fees.  After your report is prepared there is a 30 minute phone consultation with Mr. Wright summarizing options and answering questions.   If additional hours of Mr. Wright’s time are needed, they will be billed at a discounted rate of $275 per hour rather than his standard $475 per hour consultation fee.  This package represents the highest value and personal service for taxpayers with liabilities ranging between $25,000 and $45,000 and moves you much closer to successfully  resolving your IRS problem.

*Customized Consulting Plans (CCP) fees starts at $5,000.00 and are created for the taxpayer with a liability greater than $45,000  but less than $100,000.00,  and for liabilities beyond $100,000.00 but less than $1.5 million, including high profile cases,   CCPs fees starts at $30,000.00  and are billed according to the agreed contract for that individual case. CCPs fees for Tax Strategies for liabilites greater than $1.5 million will start at $150,000.00 for retainers to engage all entities contracted with PHW to implement the PHW Tax Strategy.

All packages will require the following information:

1.     PHW & Consultants, Inc.’s questionnaire
2.    IRS Form 8821 (Tax Information Authorization)
3.    IRS Form 2848 (Power of Attorney & Declaration of Representative)
4.    A copy of your most current IRS correspondence. (packages 2 or 3 only)
5.    A certified check or money order made payable to PHW & Consultants, Inc. in the amount of your package to obtain and evaluate your transcripts and to understand the IRS’ intentions for your case.

Upon receipt of your funds and your completed Form 8821 and 2848, PHW & Consultants will:

1    With your Power of Attorney Form 2848 or 8821, obtain your transcripts
2    Evaluate your transcripts to determine how the IRS perceives you, meaning, are you a willing, cooperative,or non recalcitrant taxpayer, and
3    Determine if a tax strategy is required

Fee Protection Policy and Pricing:

If at any time you find your situation has changed or you want additional help, your paid fees will be applied to the package of your choice.  Example: if you choose the basic package at $ 495 and wanted to upgrade to the best package you would simply owe the difference in the cost of the packages.  Unlike other tax firms, PHW will not charge  a retainer until we truly understand your case.

Our Policies:

Fees are non refundable after your package has been prepared. Emergency intervention may require a separate fee.  Mr. Wright is a boutique tax specialist who provides customized tax solutions and is located in Orlando Florida, registered  with the IRS as an unenrolled return preparer (CAF# 6505-54951R) to serve taxpayers in all 50 states and the US Territories.   PHW always answers phone calls and returns e-mail.  Our reputation has been built with integrity and service to our clients.  We guarantee to represent our clients rights vigorously, to have a fair and an impartial hearing under the Taxpayers Bill of Rights.

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