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The correct choice of a tax practitioner is one of the most important decisions in your life. It affects your emotional and financial health so choose wisely.

“How to have an expert in the Taxpayers Bill of Rights permanently solve your tax problems!”

Meet Patrick H. Wright: Former IRS Revenue Officer, Former Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, Professional Tax Strategist, President and Founder of PHW & Consultants, Inc.

Mr. Wright is a specialist on The Tax Payers Bill of Rights and provides immediate relief and protection for delinquent taxpayers who are willing to come in to full compliance with the tax laws.

Mr. Wright developed his skills and insight while serving as a revenue officer with the IRS.  He received training in interviewing techniques, IRS tools of enforcement and investigative procedures. After learning and working the complex processes of the IRS, Mr. Wright felt his calling was to represent and serve taxpayers in front of the IRS. He is registered with the IRS as an unenrolled tax return preparer (CAF# 6505-54951R).

Mr. Wright’s expertise in tax strategies is based on fact, law, regulation and procedure. Under the Freedom of Information Laws, Mr. Wright uses the IRS coded transcripts to compel the IRS to implement the protections given under The Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights.

Mr. Wright enjoys an ultra-successful record of defense for clients who have made mistakes, errors or taken reasonable but incorrect positions and who are willing, cooperative and non-recalcitrant taxpayers.

Mr. Wright’s Accomplishments:

Developed lawful tax strategies for taxpayers that may be paying taxes and penalties they may not owe.

Testified in Washington D.C. at public hearings for and in defense of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Developed a scoring system for tax resolution, which the United States Treasury Department’s Citizen Advocacy Panel recommended for testing by the IRS.

Authored a Prototype Test Proposal, where the IRS and the private sector works jointly to collect taxes and restructure individual and business debt.

Mr. Wright’s tax strategies in conjunction with other successful legal and accounting professionals provide services including:

► Preparing and filing tax returns
► Advising clients engaged in new or ongoing tax issues with the IRS
► Securing and interpreting coded IRS transcripts when representing clients before the IRS
► Filing hardship applications with the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate
► Filing offers in compromise and refund claims.

Mr. Wright  has a BBA from University of Missouri at Kansas City MO,  and  MSBA from Boston University.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Mr. Wright will not help nor represent tax protesters or those whose sole intent is to defraud the Internal Revenue Service.